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        News and Publitions

        View the latest news and updates from CHEP here, including CHEP’s annual report on the nadian hatching egg industry and updates on trade negotiations.

        Jul 8, 2022 News

        Great Tastes “Before the Plate” on-farm story featuring Kelvin and Kayla Heppner and family

        Kelvin and Kayla farm with Kelvin’s parents in southern Manitoba. They operate a broiler breeder barn where they raise chickens and roosters, and provide fertilized eggs to other chicken farms across the province. These chickens are essentially the parents of the birds that are raised for meat. The farm provides them a unique opportunity to […]

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        Jan 31, 2022 News

        Ask a Farmer: What is a broiler hatching egg farm?

        Michael Kautzman is the General Manager of the Saskatchewan Broiler Hatching Egg Producers. This group represents farmers who raise the chickens that produce broiler eggs instead of the kind of eggs that you buy in the grocery store. These eggs hatch into the chickens that are raised for their meat. Michael recently toured a brand-new […]

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        Dec 23, 2021 News

        CHEP Student Programs 2022

        Applitions now available: Broiler Breeder Research Grant Applition 2022 Young Farmers Applition 2022 nadian Young Farmers Forum 2022 Applition

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